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Spankred 3d Artwork

Spanking art 3d pictures of naughty girls with spanked caned & paddled red hot bottoms for picture stories of naughty girls being spanked, caned, paddled, whipped & punished. For the lover of girls with hot red spanked stinging bare bottoms.Look at our latest picture stories check the Blog for the updates.

Punishment party starts with, “It’s fancy dress & the the theme is, schoolgirls” then it evolved into a spanking party.

The girls get a little bit more than they expected after the subject of spanking came up and the interest of the spanking magazines and the punishment videos playing on the TV.

The assurance of more guest will turn up later from the hosts does not seam to be so true and the realization that the party is based around the two girls have been invited round and plied with booze to satisfy the bottom smacking desired of the couple down the road is starting to set in. However I don’t think that the two red hot bottomed schoolgirls are saying no to the fun and games, or the watching of the naughty schoolgirl spanking videos and magazines. Lets see how this develops shall we ?

The Baby Sitter
A new way to keep her in check. It starts out as a game when Auntie puts her over the whipping horse for a bit of fun & straps her in tight using the manacles & chains to make sure she is secure but cumfy. Then sets up the automated spanking & caning machine "The Auto-Caner". Left tied up, caning machine read to go, Auntie laughs and tells her young niece that she will [...]
How artwork is produced. This takes discipline & time, if Tracy makes a mistake she gets a good long caning :) Come and see for your self while these offers are still on Ending before April 2019 

New from spankred3d , collectible 3D figurines. Helped now by the technology of 3d printing we will be producing some limited edition figurines to make up a collection. The project is going to available as part of a membership deal so the collectible figures will be FREE. To find out more announcements will be made this week on about how you will be able to obtain these figures and how many also details about the products material & size etc,

The pictures below are just an impression of what they may look like to give yo and impression of what we are intending to supply.

The figurines will be also offered to 1 YEAR subscribers to start with that are currently members of the site

The School Fund Raiser

I was asked to do a few comics by some private collectors so I thought I would do one of my early drawing sets in a comic style. A few people have asked for this so if you like it i will do a few more and they will be available to download inside spankred3d‘s main members area.

For the rest of this story ......
Meet Mary Lou
her cute little bare bottom will be spanked. Her high cut shorts will certainly not hide her red hot cheeks and the marks of a good hard caning. paddling.
Mr Kanes
As he gets strait to work other poor girl, who has had to listen to her friend get her bare bottom caned hard by Mr Kanes. He enjoys the sound of the cane
Punishment Park updates
Punishment Park on the See-Sore ride the 2 girls have had their short removed today for some good bare bottom strapping and paddling
Punishment park continues
She landed on a red one twice and made 20, she also landed on "caning" and now she has to get her pert little bottom caned over the spanking horse.
The Kanes
Mr & Mrs Kanes are back. The spanking, caning couple who love red stinging bare bottoms. in a special room for caning where no one can here you scream.